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El Chupacabra – Hispanic, Woman, and Republican!

El Chupacabra—an urban legend of a wolf or dog like creature who sucks the blood from livestock. While sightings have been reported, actual proof of such creature has never been verified. In Latino/Hispanic cultures the mythical creature has been used to explain oddities out on ranches and farms, scare disobedient children into bed, and to describe something that doesn’t actually exist.

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Red State Women: Trust is a Defining Issue This Election

Austin, TX - Today, Red State Women released its newest video featuring, Elizabeth McCormick, small business owner and Lubbock native. In her testimonial, Elizabeth explains the type of qualities she is looking for in a leader and the importance of trust. 

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For Rep. Kenneth & Michele Sheets Perseverance Provides a Family

Today, Red State Women released its newest "Why I am a Red State Woman" video featuring attorney, adoptive parent and wife of Rep. Kenneth Sheets, Michele Sheets. Michele's story is one of perseverance, overcoming obstacles to start a family and the sacrifices that come from public service. 

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