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Red State Women is committed to Engaging, Empowering, and Inspiring all Texas women to become proud, politically active members of the Republican Party.

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Commissioner Christi Craddick’s top 4 reads

Catching up on your summer reading? Check out Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick’s top 4 reads! Christi’s reading list contains inspiring stories of overcoming struggles, family bonds, learning from the past and thrillers that leave you on the edge of your seat.

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The facts about the pro-life, pro-women legislation - House Bill 2

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of the passage of pro-life, pro-women legislation known as House Bill 2. There are several misconceptions about the contents of the bill but Red State Women wants you to have the straight facts. It is important to know 3 out of the 4 provisions of this legislation increase health saftey standards for women. Read below and share with your friends and family the FACTS about House Bill 2. 

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Pink Tennis Shoes? More Like Pink Flip-Flops

Today's call for increased border security by the Wendy Davis campaign, after denouncing Greg Abbott's plan to increase border security as recently as February, is just another flip flopping example of Sen. Davis' inability to provide a clear plan or position to the people of Texas.

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