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Amanda Bush understands the delicate balance of work and family life

Today, Red State Women released its newest “Why I am a Red State Woman” testimonial video featuring attorney Amanda Bush. As a working mother of two young sons, Amanda understands firsthand the joys and struggles that come with juggling corporate life, campaign life and motherhood.“I remember I had just had a baby, my first child. He was about five months old and I was in a five-week trial and George was running for Land Commissioner, all at the same time. It was defining moment because for the first time, I was juggling so much,” Bush said. “I want my sons to respect women, and to know that women can be strong, and women can have their own careers, and that it's not just daddy goes off to work but mommy can go off to work too.”

Amanda is a partner at St. Augustine Capital Partners, LLC, a Texas-based opportunistic partnership offering consulting services, client development, and strategic advice to clients.  She also serves as Of Counsel at Jackson Walker LLP, where she serves as outside counsel to her clients, advising them on corporate and legal strategies, assisting with legal and business development, and managing a broad array of legal matters.  Amanda was named the 2016 National Woman of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for raising over $497,000 in 10-weeks, a national record.  Amanda currently serves as the Co-Chair of the LLS Man/Woman of the Year Leadership Committee and on the Advance Team of The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  She and her husband, Land Commissioner George P Bush, have two boys, Prescott and Jack.

“Amanda Bush represents the next generation of Red State Women,” said RSW Director Cari Christman. “In 2015, 70 percent of women in the workforce have children 18 years or younger. Amanda's personal story reflects the reality most women face today.  She embodies the independent spirit of Texas women and redefines what it means to have it all.”

Amanda will be a panelist at Red State Women's upcoming "Conversation on the November Elections" round table on October 4th at the Austin Club. Other panelist include: Commissioner Christi Craddick, Jamie Dudensing, Ronke Okpa and Missy Shorey. For more information on this event visit