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An Army Wife’s Sacrifice to Protect our Freedoms

Austin, TX – Today, Red State Women released its third installment in a series of personal stories of real Texas women. Kristyn Weaver’s story is that of a young army wife, proud of her country, her education and her party.

Watch Kristyn’s video,

“My husband is in the Army, he sees it as ‘I am protecting my country and I am protecting my family.’ I am very proud to be an Army wife,” Kristyn said. “To be a Red State Woman and represent Texas is something I am very proud of. I hold my head high and walk confidently in whatever I do.”

The importance of this personal story is not only to feature Kristyn and her commitment to this country but also to reaffirm Republican support of our military men and women. Texas is home to 14 military bases and 208,569 active duty military members, 31,756 reserve members, 24,986 State and National Guard members, and 58,435 civilian members.

“Kristyn’s video is emblematic of the self-reliance that we see in so many of our military spouses,” said Senator Brian Birdwell (R – Granbury). “While our service men and women around the world stand guard for our freedoms, spouses like Kristyn—and like my wife, Mel—raise families, provide community service, and stand for the values that make this nation great."

"In Texas, we support our veterans and that means supporting those who have stood by them at home," said Jerry Patterson, chairman of the Texas Veterans Land Board. "If you're a military spouse, I urge you to call 1-800 252-VETS or log on to to find out what benefits you have earned through your partnership and devotion."

“Everyday we are reminded that freedom isn’t free. It is important to show the faces of those who sacrifice to preserve those freedoms,” said Red State Women Executive Director Cari Christman. “Red State Women is proud of the strong Texas women who serve our great nation as active members of the military and as military wives, like Kristyn, whose families sacrifice so we may have a better life. Republicans prioritize our nation’s security and support these men and women who choose to protect us. ”

With this video we pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of Fort Hood and their loved ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us all and for our country.