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For Rep. Kenneth & Michele Sheets Perseverance Provides a Family

Today, Red State Women released its newest "Why I am a Red State Woman" video featuring attorney, adoptive parent and wife of Rep. Kenneth Sheets, Michele Sheets. Michele's story is one of perseverance, overcoming obstacles to start a family and the sacrifices that come from public service. 

"It's kind of a small group of people who understand wanting a kid and not being able to," said Michele. "I'm really proud of the fact that Kenneth and I could persevere. It's hard, so the fact that we could stick it through and God gave us this awesome plan with these wonderful kids. It's like I couldn't imagine a better way than the way we have it."

Michele is an attorney and the proud mother of two children, Brooke and Cameron, she and Kenneth adopted from the foster care system in Texas. She understands firsthand the trials and tribulations of going through the adoption process but also can testify to the joy her children have brought their family.

"Red State Women is thankful for individuals like Michele and Kenneth who are willing to share their personal adoption story that so many Texas women can relate to," said RSW Executive Director Cari Christman. "We need more leaders like Kenneth Sheets in Austin that not only talk the talk but walk the walk and serve as a living example of family values and sacrifice."

Rep. Kenneth Sheets is running for reelection to House District 107, a Dallas County district that includes parts of Mesquite and Garland. Rep. Sheets is a veteran and attorney who is serving his third term in the Texas House of Representatives. Throughout his service, Rep. Sheets has focused on improving public education for Texas students, expanding workforce initiatives for veterans and promoting healthcare initiatives for women, like Henda's law that provides notification for supplement breast cancer screenings.