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(Austin, TX) - One year ago today, steadfast Texas Republican legislators refused to allow a filibuster to stand between protecting the life of the unborn and the safety of Texas women. Instead, they pressed on in a second Special Legislative Session to ensure sweeping pro-life reform legislation passed.

"With respect to the lives lost and the lives forever changed, this day is not a day for political parties and fundraisers, rather it is a moment of reflection and prayer for the women of Texas who are making life changing decisions," said Red State Women Executive Director Cari Christman. "What should be celebrated are the lives of the women who are no longer at risk due to substandard abortion clinics and the lives of the unborn who are protected from late-term abortions."

Female Republican leaders from across the state echoed their support for the pro-life, pro-women legislation, also known as House Bill 2:

"With the passage of HB 2, Texas implemented reforms which acknowledge true advances in 21st century medicine and technology. Our facilities are safer and our tiniest and most vulnerable Texans are finally protected, their right to life enshrined under Texas law. Texas families can and should be proud that their voices were heard loud and clear over one senator's failed filibuster a year ago today." - Sen. Donna Campbell

"I am proud to support House Bill 2, which not only protects innocent life but also ensures that abortion facilities are safe for Texas women." - Sen. Jane Nelson

"Authoring and passing House Bill 2 was one the most rewarding and challenging accomplishments of my legislative service. Passions ran high on both sides and I was subject to many criticisms both on the bill and personally, but I knew what fighting for this legislation meant. It meant that the women of Texas would no longer be subjected to substandard care no matter the procedure or what clinic they chose. It meant that babies developed to the stage of 5 months would no longer suffer the physical pain of abortion. It was worth it, and I will continue to fight for both the safety of Texas women and the pre-born." - Rep. Jodie Laubenberg

"Wendy Davis was not the only woman standing last year. Plenty of women were standing for life in the House and Senate Chambers. It is not how long you can stand, but what you stand for that matters." - Rep. Myra Crownover

"As a woman and a mother, protecting the health of Texas women and thousands of unborn babies across the state is something for which I proudly stood. The legislation we passed last summer was necessary to ensure that women receive the highest quality health care from the clinics in which they are treated." - Rep. Cindy Burkett

"Just like any other health care facility that is regulated in the state, abortion clinics must be held accountable for the lives of their patients. I proudly voted for House Bill 2 because I believe Texas women deserve more than the bare minimum, lowest level safety standards." - Rep. Patricia Harless 

"Life is the most precious gift we are given. Through legislation like HB 2 Texas continues to lead the fight in our nation for protecting the unborn while also improving women's health." - Rep. Marsha Farney 

“Texas is a pro-life state and the Texas Legislature has made great strides to protect the life of the unborn. I proudly supported House Bill 5 which gave our most vulnerable Texans a chance at life and raised the standard of health care for all Texas women." - Rep. Geanie Morrison  

Another life we are reminded to celebrate today is John Mark McCord. John Mark is the son of RSW Board Member Mia Garza McCord. John Mark's mother Mia served two positions last July during the pro-life debate in the Texas Senate, she was a Chief of Staff for Sen. Kelly Hancock and a proud new mother.

While Sen. Wendy Davis catapulted to political stardom, filibustering in favor of late term abortions, Mia's son John Mark, born at 26 weeks, was fighting for his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit across the street at Brackenridge Hospital.

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During the filibuster Mia had to leave the Senate floor, remembering that day she said "it hurt to see people cheering and in my mind they were telling me and my husband that people like John Mark don't matter, people like John Mark are not babies they are a fetus, He was very real, his heart was beating."

The passage of the pro-life legislation was a historic moment for the women of Texas. Red State Women will work to promote policies that ensure the safety of Texas women and life for all Texans.