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Red State Women: Trust is a Defining Issue This Election

Austin, TX - Today, Red State Women released its newest video featuring, Elizabeth McCormick, small business owner and Lubbock native. In her testimonial, Elizabeth explains the type of qualities she is looking for in a leader and the importance of trust.  

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"Hillary Clinton's corruption doesn't give me the confidence in her as a leader," Elizabeth McCormick said. "I want someone I feel like I can trust." Elizabeth went on to say,  "Our party gives us all the opportunities we need.  At the end of the day we are trying to help others reach their potential."

Elizabeth's story is one many Texas women can relate to. As a small business owner, and entrepreneur, she is empowered by free market principles that allow her ideas to flourish and her business to grow. Elizabeth represents many of the new voters in Texas as the average age of new registrants is 36, with 43% of them being under the age of 30.

Trust has become a large deciding factor amongst likely voters, just this week a newWashington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll showed Donald Trump opened up an eight-point advantage over Clinton on which candidate is more honest and trustworthy, leading 46 to 38 percent among likely voters.

"Like Elizabeth, many young hard-working Texas woman question Hillary Clinton's ability to lead our nation," RSW Executive Director Cari Christman said.  "Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are hemorrhaging in the polls because the American public has completely lost faith in their message and their messenger herself."

Red State Women wants your voice to be heard. Remember early voting continues until Friday, November 4th and Election Day is November 8th.  To find your polling location visit: