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Contact: Carrie Simmons

Red State Women Offers a New Voice in Texas Politics

Austin, TX – Organizers today launched the Red State Women PAC (RSW), a new organization working to build support for the Republican Party among Texas women.

RSW will play a major role in the 2014 general elections, as well as other key state elections in this and future cycles. The group will highlight the personal stories and experiences of women while also communicating the important role that Republican women play in the success of the Lone Star State.

The group will focus on issues relevant to all Texas women, such as education, healthcare and a strong economy that continues to create our premier job market.

“RSW represents a variety of life experiences and reflects the Texas spirit of strength and independence,” said Red State Women Executive Director Cari Christman, a longtime activist and legislative staffer. “From entrepreneurs to CEO moms who manage households, Texas’ women are influential to our state’s business success, social environment, and political arena. Clearly, the core principles of the Republican Party resonate with women in every part of our state. “It's our goal to reach women where they are, connect with them on a personal level and provide meaningful information they can use.”

As part of the launch, RSW unveiled a “Why I am a Red State Woman” testimonial video featuring Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick. Commissioner Craddick is the youngest Republican woman elected statewide in Texas’ history.

“Every woman has a unique story that has shaped her life and the values she holds dear,” Commissioner Craddick said. “It is never easy to sit down in front of a camera and open up, but it is my hope that Texas women will relate to the values that make me proud to be a part of the Republican Party.”

RSW is committed to engaging and empowering Texas women to be politically active in the Republican Party. Today’s video release was the first of many to come, sharing the personal stories of real women and the experiences that led them to be a Red State woman.


Red State Women (RSW) is a political action committee committed to engaging and empowering women across Texas on the issues that affect our everyday lives. RSW serves as a resource on social, economic and political issues relevant to all Texas women. RSW is an organization of women committed to revolutionizing the way the Republican Party communicates with women.