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Why Are You a Red State Woman?

“I am a Red State Woman because I learned the value, importance, and power of motivation and personal responsibility.”

Naomi, San Marcos

“I have spent much of my time and effort working for and defending Conservative principles with emphasis on organizing and volunteering for several campaigns and growing Republican groups in my area.”

Naomi, San Marcos

“I am a Red State Woman because I care about my country, and I have strong convictions about God and the unborn child.”

Melody, Plano

“I am a firearms instructor, a firearms reseller, and teach self-awareness, self-protection, and self-determination to individuals of all ages, races, and genders. My main goal, however, is to educate ALL women and to tear down the wall of lies that have been perpetrated about not only firearms, but also issues surrounding abortion, glass ceilings in the business world, and the so called War on Women that they claim that Republicans are waging on the women of our nation. I believe that we should increase our efforts to share the message of what the conservative movement really is all about…”

Melody, Plano

“I am more concerned about leaving a better, prosperous and morally sound world for my kids than I am about a false ‘war on women’.”

Stephani, Leander

“As a Red State Woman I don’t vote for candidates who look like me. I vote for candidates who think like I do. I am proud to say that I support our Constitution, I follow the 10 Commandments and I am pro-business.”

Stephanie, Leander

“Never underestimate the power of women united!”

Ester, Kingsville
Kristyn, Friendswood

“I am very proud to be an Army wife. To be a Red State Woman and represent Texas is something I am very proud of. I hold my head high and walk confidently in whatever I do.”

Kristyn, Friendswood

“I am absolutely a Red State Woman. I moved to the great state of Texas at age 7 and have resided here since. These days I am a home school mom and am absolutely passionate about politics. I recently established a Facebook page to give the Women of Texas a place to come together in our effort to Keep Texas Red!”

Daidri, Georgtown
Kathy, Plano

“My proudest moment for my daughter is every day. It’s the way she attacks life head on with zest for life, with care for other people in her life and her own unique independence. And being a Red State Woman she gets to continue to do that and that’s why we need to protect her opportunities to continue to be that way.”

Kathy, Plano

“I am a Red State Woman because I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!”

Susan, Albany

“I am a Christian, pro-life, independent, single mom that is devoted to raising my children with honesty and integrity. I want to promote Republican women to fight for their children and HEAR US ROAR!”

Michelle, Hallettsville